Sword XXX N2 2.4GHz Nitro

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Sword XXX N2 2.4GHz Nitro



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Sword XXX N2 2.4GHz RTR is the latest RC car from the VRX Racing stable. The N2 designation informs about the two-stage transmission and is equivalent to the DS marking in other cars of this manufacturer.
The universal truggy design, the reliable nitro combustion engine, MEGA wheel size 130 x 65mm and guaranteed high quality are the basic advantages of the new Sword.
At first glance, you can see that this model has something in itself. Modeled on the competitive VRX-1 in the 1: 8 scale, it maintains its dynamic silhouette and handling characteristics. At the same time, Sword remains a model that is easy to master and operate even for novice drivers. The truggy construction allows both the development of high speeds as well as off-road driving. The wide track width and large aluminum shock absorbers filled with special oil guarantee cornering stability, and the appropriate ground clearance and 4x4 drive allows you to go where ordinary track cars are not allowed to enter.

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